Hello All Here
How interesting! The petroleum club has in fact, a spot for biofuels
It seems at this stage, I am the only one here who is involved in biofuels
If that is not so, could the others if any, put their hands up please
We are a small producer of Biodiesel in Melbourne Australia
We sell our production in bulk which is used in various blends by distributors
Of course, we are in touch with reality so as to see that biodiesel from natural oils will only be a very small componenent come addition to energy use in global terms
Nevertheless it has entered the energy scene
It is our view it will now be a part of "The fuels mix" for transport use for a variety of reasons, the major one being the "Greenie" as well as an additive to add lubricity to ULSD
I would really like to have some views from the "petroleum" participants perspective

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Chris, welcome to the

Chris, welcome to the Club!

Since GPC is only one week old there are not a lot of folks here - yet. But within a few months we should have thousands of energy professionals on board. And I can anticipate quite a few will be interested in biodiesel because it is going to become an increasing part of the fuel mix. Stay in touch, and keep on truckin' ...

James Angelus

Biuo Fuels

Greetings from "The Winterless North" of the North Island of New Zealand. I have just joined this, doubtless to be, august body. I read about the GPC on biofuelsforum "" which contains a fascinating smorgasboard of information and helpful advice on all manner of things "Biofuel" related.

I personally am a "WVO/UCO" devotee. I have a vehicle that runs on straight Waste Vegetable Oil. I obtain my "crude oil" (used Cottonseed Oil) for NZ$0.00 from 2 local chip shops. I strain out the large bits through a large "tea strainer" type thing, hot filter the oil through paper kitchen towels and then put it straight into the veggie oil tank. I get around 10 km per litre of veggie with no impaiment in performance.

My filtering system probably sounds Mickey Mouse," but it has progressed from a coffee filter on the kitchen sink to to a 12 litre coffee urn and 200 litre drum in the garage. I am about to get to the final stage which will include an elecric pump,wrap around silicone heater for the 200 litre drum and 2 filters, 1x10 micron and 1 x 1 micron. I am taking photographs of each phase of the development/evolution of the "Opua (Waste Oil) Refinery.

I have a wonderfully tolerant wife who humours me and puts up with my eccentricities. Now tha I am producing more oil than I need for the 1 vehicle, I am seriously looking to convert my 1 diesel small passenger vehicles and become the only "shuttle operation" in New Zeland operating on Waste Vegetable Oil.

I welcome imput and comment from others involved and or interested in WVO/UCO.

Geoff. -Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
P.S. If you want a 37th city, in addition to the 36 listed, how about "Opua?" I see that New Zealand is not listed

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I'm interested in learning more about biobutanol.

Bio-fuels and ethanol

Biofuels & ethanol.

Biodiesel - Private Placement

Hi Chris, yes, I thought it was interesting too! (too see a biofuel interest here)

I am about to offer a PP in a biodiesel company - it'll debut as 3rd largest producer in the world.

Send me your e-mail if interested.


Jean-Andre Villamizar

reply to comment

you are absolutely right.i also like to read the views of more petroleum participants.but i would like to say that only product with proper certification should be utilised only

I work full time, but I am

I work full time, but I am thinking about beginning to sell some items on the side (mainly through ebay or a small website) as a hobby along with some additional income. My total income from my full time job is around ?40k, so I presume that any additional income would be taxed at 40% now I have breached the top end threshold. Would it therefore be better to start a small business, or just detail my earnings in a standard personal tax return? What are the benifits or registering as small business as opposed to any other options? Thanks P.s Income and expenditure is most likely to be around ?5k for each. Its unlikley I'll make a profit but I know there will be tax liabilities as most of my expenditure will be tied up in unsold stock at the end of the year.


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