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GPF Careers – the highest traffic oil and gas jobs portal presenting the industry’s largest CV/Resume database of professionals to the greatest number of qualified visitors. This extraordinary service provides job seekers with direct and free access to industry job openings. GPF offers clients and recruiters a unique opportunity to advertise their vacancies to leading industry professionals globally through their affiliation with the GPF.

Best of all, the GPF offers many of its services FREE.


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At GPF, we are a dynamic and independent professional business association and organization, already helping some of the biggest and best employers in the industry to advertise all their vacancies both quickly and efficiently. We also afford qualified recruiters the option to contact outstanding potential candidates directly using our extensive CV/Resume database. This equips you with the highest quality recruitment and headhunting tools in the industry today. In addition, we assist many of our clients in improving the on-line vacancies section of their own web sites and we encourage many others to take advantage of our leading-edge Application Handling System to take their recruitment process to the next level of efficiency –where the majority of the filtering, sorting and response process is done with a single click.

 We want to help you move your recruitment process on to a higher level.

Take advantage of our recruitment tools to find the right person quickly, efficiently and effectively. GPF Careers can offer all of the following advantages;

  • Instant Job Advertising to a worldwide and local audience.
  • FREE Applicant Filtering.
  • Conveniently formatted comparison tables of job applicants. Instantly filter, rank and respond to applicants using the GPF Career Application Handling System. All carried out with convenient single click actions.
  • A searchable database of CVs/Resumes that you can filter to match your precise requirements.
  • CV/Resume Agents that automatically email you when a new candidate matching your requirements becomes available.
  • Access to our staff of experienced online recruiters to assist you in optimizing your search campaigns.

This entire process can be carried out in real time with very simple and convenient single click actions carried out entirely on the secure GPF Careers system. The process involves no paper and facilitates rapid and efficient recruitment giving you more time to concentrate on who you want to employ rather than how you are going to administer the recruitment process.

After obtaining your FREE Company Representative account, you receive a Username and Password to access your company account. This gives you access to Company ProfileProfile Page where you can define company logo, company name and company WWW address. The company Logo will be promoted within GPF.

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