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Thursday 23 September 2010
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Poland has a very long history of oil and gas exploration, with drilling activity dating as far back as 1854. Although there were a number of discoveries following the Second World War, the majority of oil and gas fields in Poland are medium to small in scale. Recently, Poland has attracted renewed attention in relation to possible unconventional gas reserves thought to be contained in its Silurian age graptolitic shale.

First vertical drilling for shale gas in Poland begins

Lane Energy is confident its project will end in success.
Canadian energy exploration company Lane Energy, a subsidiary of the 3Legs Resources group, last week spudded the country’s first shale gas test well in Łebień, close to Lębork in the Pomorze region. It is the first company to carry out this kind of exploration in Poland.

“Lane Energy Poland is very pleased to announce that [vertical] drilling of the Łebień LE1 well has commenced,” the company said in a statement. The firm also said it would likely reach its target depth in six to eight weeks.


Chevron to Seek Shale Gas in Poland as Europe Focuses on Unconventional Reserves

Chevron has acquired exploration rights for four shale gas concessions in southeastern Poland, the U.S. oil giant said in a recent SEC filing, joining other international companies in the hunt for unconventional gas reserves in Europe in the hopes of duplicating the production boom in the U.S.

The need in Europe to reduce dependence on imported gas, especially from Russia, is spurring efforts to tap shale gas and coal-bed methane using new technologies that have proven successful in U.S. production.


Shale gas the future for Poland?

US know-how could quicken development of shale-gas extraction technologies in Europe, while Poland's hopes for the technology rise.
Europe can learn much from the US about how to use its shale-gas sources, according to Halliburton's expert on unconventional resources.

Speaking at the III CE Gas Summit 2010 about whether US shale-gas developmant could be cloned in Europe, Reinhard Pongratz said that using US know-how could significantly shorten Europe's learning curve.


Global Shale Gas Summit 2010

Global Shale Gas Summit 2010 Start Date: 19/07/2010 End Date: 20/07/2010 Global Shale Gas Summit 2010 Contact E-mail Venue: Warsaw, Poland. Organizers: Polish Geological Institute, American Business Conferences. More at:

Shale gas in Poland

For some time there has been various reports in the media about the resources of the unconventional gas in our country. They differ from each other quite significantly, but the involvement of companies such as ExxonMobil and Chevron suggests that these figures are closer to the upper than the lower limits of the range.



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