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Eni gets nod for Barents Sea exploration drilling

Eni Norge (Eni) has received consent to carry out exploration drilling in the Barents Sea with the mobile facility Polar Pioneer. The consent applies...


Nautical Petroleum provides update on Marlin...

Nautical Petroleum provides an update on Licensing Option 10/01 in the North Celtic Sea Basin, offshore Ireland, which contains the Baltimore heavy...


US seeks funding for more oil and gas inspectors

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will seek an additional 100 million dollars to begin beefing up inspections of offshore oil and gas...


Biomagnetics Filing Key Patent Application Today...

SAN FRANCISCO, Sep 08, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp., (PINK SHEETS:BMGP - News) a developer of revolutionary diagnostic...


Gulf well's blowout preventer recovered

Investigators may be able to determine why a blowout preventer failed to stop the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill more than four months ago as they...


8 of the Most Toxic Energy Projects on the Planet

BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico served as a wake-up call for many of us who never before paid attention to the destructive...



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Integrated Operations

May 19 - 20, 2009 Aberdeen, Scotland Oil & Gas IQ’s Integrated Operations is a leading forum providing operator led solutions since 2004. The...


Energy Risk Management

10-11 June 2009 London, UK. Energy Risk Management 2009 will tackle the challenges facing the energy industry in difficult times. With a focus on...


E&P Information and Data Management

10-11 February 2009 London, UK. SMi present the 11th annual E&P Information and Data Management conference. . The 2009 E&P Information and...


Utilising Associated Gas

25-26 February 2009 London, UK. Dealing with associated gas can be costly and can make oil field development difficult. This problem is most acute...


Biomass to Liquids

6 May 2009 London, UK. As global demand for power, heating and transportation fuels continues to grow, and fossil fuel resources become scarcer and...


Legal Issues in Oil and Gas

20-21 April 2009 London, UK. The SMi Group’s “Legal Issues in Oil and Gas 2009” conference will be our first event solely dedicated to...


Gasoline Profit's 5-Month High Means U.S. Imports to Rise: Energy Markets

January 7, 2011 Gasoline shipments to the U.S. from Europe are poised to rebound in January after profit from the trade jumped to the highest level in almost five months. The motor fuel was 14.5 cents a gallon more expensive in the U.S. than Europe on Dec. 31, the most since Aug. 5, based on futures for delivery to New York harbor and benchmark 95-octane grade in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp...

Nearly every week on average since 1995, the North Slope oil fields have had a spill from a pipeline, a well, a tank or other equipment, according to a study by the Alaska Department of Environmental...

ScienceDaily (Jan. 4, 2011) — Researchers are creating a new type of solar cell designed to self-repair like natural photosynthetic systems in plants by using carbon nanotubes and DNA, an approach...

Dec. 21, 2010 Meteorological equipment typically used to monitor storms could help power grid operators know when to expect winds that will send turbine blades spinning, as well as help them avoid...

January 3, 2011 RIO DE JANEIRO -(Dow Jones)- Brazil's new government will auction rights to develop mammoth offshore oil and gas blocks this year, under new rules recently approved by Congress,...

January 3, 2011 The airline will team with US-based Solena Fuels to investigate whether waste that passengers leave on its jets can be converted into biofuel. The airline and Solena plan a year-long...


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