Legal Issues in Oil and Gas

2009-04-20 09:00
2009-04-21 17:00

Global Petroleum Club Image20-21 April 2009 London, UK.

The SMi Group’s “Legal Issues in Oil and Gas 2009” conference will be our first event solely dedicated to tackling the most prominent legal issues affecting the oil and gas industry in the present climate.
The event will bring together In-House Legal Counsel at oil and gas companies, Legal Practitioners from private firms specialising in energy, specialist Consultants, Legal Institutes, Government Bodies and Regulators. This will pull together an all-inclusive mix of international practitioners to provide a thorough overview of the legal issues affecting the upstream oil and gas sector.
Key Themes:
• The Energy Charter Treaty
• Resource Nationalism
• Boundary Disputes
• Legal Issues in Africa
• Legal Issues in Middle East and Caspian Regions
• International regulatory challenges of Carbon Sequestration and Storage.
• Security of Supply

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